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A few words from some of our valued industry contacts

"Sydney Engel is a consummate publicity professional - creative, smart and honest.  As a producer at Good Morning America, it has been an absolute pleasure working with her over the years. Whenever I see her e-mail address pop up in my inbox, I know it will be something that I will want to read right away.  She crafts the most interesting and spot-on pitches and is just a wonderful person to get the opportunity to work with."

Brandon Bodow - Producer, ABC's Good Morning America

“Sydney finds a way to connect to her clients and the journalists she works with by telling the right story to the right person in the right way. As a journalist, myself, that makes my job easier and, therefore, she’s someone I prioritize working with and who I feel comfortable with, whether I’m on a deadline or in need of on the spot assistance.”

Jake Emen - Contributor, Departures Magazine, Food & Wine, AFAR

“I was fortunate enough to work with Sydney on multiple big projects we had around Discovery Channel’s ”Shark Week” and I could not have found a better partner.  Her work ethic is second to none, she is a great problem solver and incredibly organized.  I quickly realized that it was one of those rare opportunities that I didn’t have to worry about anything since she had everything handled – anticipated all our needs and was great with the press.  I wish there were more PR people like Sydney Engel.”

Laurie Goldberg - Group EVP - PR, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Science Channel

“As an Editor-in-Chief, I get pitched constantly. Sydney was able to quickly break through all the noise and capture my attention with her sincere, personalized approach. Her sparkling personality combined with her wealth of knowledge and professionalism makes her a true pleasure to work with. When Sydney is behind a project, I will always answer the phone.”

Emmy Kasten - Editor-in-Chief, Modern Luxury

"Working with Sydney has been a fantastic experience. She seamlessly takes care of all of my Major League Baseball clients' needs and goes above and beyond to ensure the VIP treatment from her hotel properties is second to none. I'm a sports agent who works with some of the most high profile athletes in the world and, to me, service and communication are two of the most important elements within my trade. Sydney is amazing at those things; beyond talented."

Jason Romano - MLB Agent, Excel Sports Management

“The best characteristics you can ask for in a PR rep is honesty, consistency and the acuity to understand both your client and who you're pitching. You'd be surprised how many PR people just pitch everything to everyone, whereas Sydney only reaches out to me with clients that have great synergy with what we're trying to cover. She has these three qualities in spades, and knows exactly what to pitch us — and how.”

Nicolas Stecher - Deputy Editor, MAXIM and Contributor, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Entrepreneur, Robb Report, WIRED 

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